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First Family Event at Reboot Mountain!

Updated: Feb 8, 2019

Have you every played live Jeopardy or giant Jenga? Our recent Launch Dinner was a fun and educational experience for our local community to learn more about our organization.

During dinner, Ryan shares a presentation on the impact of media technology on today's youth and Families

Reboot Mountain's Launch Dinner was a great opportunity to share with our local community what we're all about.

Eight years ago, two pioneers had a vision to use media technology in compelling ways to share the undiluted Gospel with youth and young adults. Today with the onslaught of all-consuming media technology, our youth and families need more than just compelling visual messages. We also need to learn how to put these powerful technologies and devices in their proper place in our lives where they can help us become the relationship-based interactive men and women that God designed us to be. Reboot Mountain was formed to meet this need.

Presentation Snippets

For those who are more interested on this topic, we plan to release snippets of the Launch Dinner presentation over the next few weeks on our Facebook page and on our new YouTube channel. Subscribe and Like us to stayed tuned!

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