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Plans for 2019 IDEA Film Camp Taking Shape

Updated: Feb 24, 2019

We've set the dates for two of our awesome summer camp programs, and plan to open up registration at the end of February.

An IDEA Film Camp student frames up a shot for an interrogation scene in his short film called "No Escape"

Moving into year three of our IDEA Film Camps (formerly operated by UnScene Media Group), we're excited to announce that we have big plans for this season of summer camps at our new location! We've already received 5 full sponsorships for camp programs, so we're pumped to be able to offer this experience to even more students this year. If you haven't yet seen our IDEA Film Camp promo video, you can watch it on YouTube here.

Film Camp is an opportunity for kids ages 13-18 to learn all the skills involved in producing a short film: from Pre-production to filming, to editing.

Past students who have attended our Film Camp programs have have transformative experiences. Because one the objects for students at Film camp is to visually communicate a personal message that God is showing them, the activities are also designed to encourage digging deep into God's word and introspective thinking. And of course, camp is always a great place to make awesome new friends.

The dates for our two IDEA Film Camps will be: June 2 to June 15 and June 16 - 29. You can check out our Film Camp page for more information!

The Film Festival

At the end of Film Camp, students have the opportunity to debut their creations on the big screen at our own IDEA Film Festival. We're currently working with Mountain Cinemas in Elijay, GA to secure a big screen for these two events. The Film Festival event is open to the public, and usually an inspirational event where our students are able to share the impact of their spiritual journeys at camp.

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