Growing at Adventure Sports Camp!

I’ll be honest, this summer I was not fully prepared for the types of kids that would participate in our Adventure Sports Camp–several of them coming from broken homes with drug and abuse problems. But despite our diverse group, our campers and staff had an amazing time, and everyone is looking forward to coming back next year!

I remember one morning for worship, after covering an overview of the origin of evil, explaining the reasons why so much bad and evil exists today, I must have said something along the lines of: “and thats why we have to deal with pain and junk in our own lives.” This statement was immediately followed by a comment from a 15-year old boy in our group who knowingly muttered “yeah, no kidding.” Needless to say, comments and questions from the kids that particular morning caused our worship time to extend a little longer than usual. These interactive moments are the most exciting thrilling and fulfilling times that make me forget (if but for a moment) just how exhausting the week has been.

Sitting down with some of these young men, talking about real topics like this really opened my eyes to the world they live in. It’s intense. And the only answer that can be of any benefit to them in that world they live in will be an understanding of the Gospel. We as leaders can be friends and supports, but only God can truly comfort and heal, or give us value when life has stripped that away from us.

We’ve planted seeds, and with your help we want to continue reaching out to these and other local youth throughout the school year with after-school and weekend workshops and programs. If you haven’t already, please like and follow us on Facebook and Instagram where we have been releasing updates on our organization’s progress as we move forward.

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