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4 Benefits of a Media Detox!

In our increasingly media-centered world, the idea of media detox is becoming more popular. It is now trendy for celebrities and other public figures to take a hiatus from technology and social media. People are beginning to see the need for a lessoning of constant technological connection. But what are the benefits of a digital detox? From your friends at Reboot Mountain, here are 4 big benefits to a Media detox:

1. Productivity: Ironically, a Media Detox can do wonders for your productivity! Allowing yourself to disconnect can help you to develop your thoughts and use your time wisely. Technology can be a great distractor, and it is common to catch yourself surfing and scrolling during work. Without this distraction, you will have a clear mind and a clear schedule so you can get your work done efficiently. This applies to students as well. There is a reason that many schools have begun to ban phones and block cellular signals, and a number of universities no longer allow students to take notes on their laptops. Technology can often decrease productivity and lead to a cluttered mind. If you cut out this distraction, you may find yourself more productive than ever.

2. Finding Your Bliss: One thing that people who take a media detox always talk about is finding peace. Removing technology can help calm your soul and clear up your mind from stress. It can also give you more free time for the things you enjoy. You may find yourself with time to read that book you have been meaning to get to. Or you may rediscover your love for a sport. Letting go of technology allows you to embrace your hobbies and discover your interests.

3. Avoiding Negativity: It’s no secret that there is a large amount of negativity online. Constantly seeing arguments, conflict, and hate on the Internet can be exhausting. That’s why it’s important to take a break from these attitudes and live outside of the angry Internet world. Press in close to the real people in your life that you love and care about. You may find that your mood changes drastically without this influencer in your life, and you are able to more easily focus on the positive.

4. Spiritual Development: Disconnecting from technology can help to harbor other connections in real life. Leaving the technological world behind will give you an opportunity to reflect on your relationship with God. Through a media detox, you may be able to address important inner issues that have been masked and muted by the constant pull of technology. That way, you may be able to check in on your emotional and spiritual state, and continue on your spiritual journey.

There are many other benefits to a media detox, and Reboot Mountain can help you and your family to discover them all. Through our activities, camps, and classes, we can help you truly reconnect. Our programs help you and your family find excitement outside of the technology spiral. We give you the modern resources to help foster growth, make real-life relationships and develop your emotional intelligence. Call, text, or visit our website, and see for yourself what the media detox trend is all about.

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