9-Month Media and Evangelism Training Program

IDEA Program Overview

The IDEA Foundry is a media and evangelism training program designed to strengthen young people spiritually and emotionally through hands-on ministry and leadership.

Built upon 5 core competencies, the Foundry experience features a service-learning environment that enables personal growth through a lifestyle of Christian service.

IDEA's five core competencies are: Personal Spirituality, Health and Wellness, Media Production, Discipleship and Leadership, and Creative Evangelism.

The 9-month flagship program, not only equips young people to become active and effective soul winners, but also equips them with real-world, professional skills for their resume or demo reel.

This program fully equips students with the skills needed to become a freelance videographer, take a media position in an existing ministry, become a Bible worker, or even to develop their own media ministry.

What have IDEA Students been up to?

Project Directing
Live Production
Content Development
IDEA is owned and operated by UnScene Media Group Inc.