The leadership team at Reboot Mountain is comprised of 6 staff members.


Executive Director


Ryan has a background in video production and youth ministry, and is the founder of Reboot Mountain Inc.

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Camp Leader


Learning and growing, Tim is applying what he has learned at Reboot Mountain with other students.


Program Director


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Camp Ranger


A man of much experience, Dino enjoys leading and investing in young people at Reboot Mountain.


Ground Services


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Paintball Manager

Jeremiah Jones

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History & Financials

UnScene Media Group Inc. was established in 2011 with the goal to use media technology to be a positive spiritual force for teens and young adults.  In 2018, after domesticating to Blue Ridge, GA, Reboot Mountain was formed, to extend that mission to deal with all the emerging challenges of media technology with families and young people.  Below is a summary of both organization's historical development along with any applicable financials.


The Year of WarPlans

UnScene Media Group was founded and incorperated in May 2011 by Ben Middleton and Ryan St. Hillaire.  See our first Annual Report.


The year of discovery

Not knowing much about how to grow a ministry, Ben & Ryan spent this year networking, planning, and learning.  We did not release an annual report this year.


The year of preaching

A year filled with travel and speaking events, including our spiritual warfare training series dubbed "WarPlans Events."  See the annual report.


The Sabbatical

Both co-founders Ben and Ryan stepped away from ministry for a year as a result of personal challenges.  We did not create an annual report for this year.


The Year of IDEA

UnScene Media Group launched its long-anticipated media and evangelism training program called IDEA.

See the Annual Report.


IDEA Refined & Expanded

The second year of our IDEA training program, and the first year of our IDEA Film Camp summer camp.

See The Annual Report.


The year of e-devotionals.

With staff and leadership changes, the ministry temporarily shifted its focus to film and new-media evangelism.  See The Annual Report.  See the 990.


The year of transition

We uprooted from Illinois and domesticated our ministry to Blue Ridge, GA, begining the twin partnership with Reboot Mountain.  We did not produce an annual report this year.  See the 990.

Reboot Mountain Inc.

We're all about empowering families to build and value real-life relationships and connection.


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