About Reboot Mtn.

Media technology has an incredible amount of influence in our lives today. From the time we wake up to the moment we fall asleep, we are surrounded by screens and smart devices that influence our thoughts, feelings, and relationships.  While technology can help us to be more productive and efficient during our day, it can also be very destructive when we allow it to consume us.  Unfortunately, many of us do not realize the significance of how media technology impacts our mind, character, and personality, especially in the area of our relationships.  Reboot Mountain was established to be

A Training Ground for Connection–

...a positive force in rebuilding real-life relationships in our media consumed world.  Our goal is to guide youth and families in how they can utilize media technology both safely and productively.  Our programs and activities are designed to encourage emotional, relational, and spiritual growth through leadership, arts, and outdoor education.

We believe we can use technology in ways that will build relationships and real-life connection.

Our Mission

Reboot Mountain is a Christian non-profit organization that provides leadership, arts, and outdoor education programs that foster spiritual, emotional, and relational growth for youth and their families.


Our Vision

We want to help youth and families use media technology in ways that build relationships, not erode them.  We want to inspire a generation of young spiritual leaders that will be producers instead of consumers.  We accomplish this through hands-on activities and programs focused on arts, leadership, and outdoor education.

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